How to setup a Bybit grid bot

Published on 2 November 2022 at 16:53

How do I create a bybit grid bot

Making a grid bot is not difficult. But creating a profitable grid bot can be difficult for traders who have never created a bot before. Because there are many options and it is difficult to find on bybit, a step-by-step plan has been made. After these steps you have not created your own trading bot for crypto but also a bot that is hopefully profitable.

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Create a profitable trading bot on Bybit

Creating a profitable trading bot doesn't have to be difficult. We cannot guarantee that the initial settings of your bot will immediately lead to profitable trades. It's a matter of testing and improving your settings. That takes time and energy. But we promise that if you put in the time it will get better and better. Your initial settings may not yield profitable results. But that's why you need to improve it. But first it is important to create a bot.


grid bot results

How does a grid bot work on Bybit?

A grid bot means that a bot trades on different support and resistance lines in the chart. You set this in a price range where your bot can start making money for you. Grids are simply lines that are traded on by the bot. If the bot goes out of the range, it will temporarily stop trading and the bot waits again until the price comes back in the range.
See the picture on the right for grid levels of a trading bot. At the top and bottom level, the bot will stop trading automatically. The grid bot trades as follows.


1. you have put down your grids (levels)

2. If the price moves from above your support level, it places a buy order.

3. If he rises above the level he takes a take profit. if he rises again he takes profit again. If he drops a buy order.
4. The bot continues to do this throughout the range until there are no more grid levels.


what are grids

Is a grid bot automatic?

By default, the bot is not automatic. The bot uses the levels you have set yourself with a certain interval. If you have enough levels for the bot, it can start trading for you automatically. It just depends on how big the range is in which you want the bot to trade. If the bot goes out of range, it will stop. You will receive a message if your bot stops because the price of the crypto currency has gone out of range. If you know what you are doing, it can become fully automatic. But that also depends on what you want this grid bot to do for you.


Is a grid bot for the short term?

In general, a grid bot ends after a while if you run out of orders. The intention is for a grid bot to trade all your levels automatically, but after a while you notice that there are no more new grids for the bot and they no longer work. What is one way is to regularly upgrade your grid bot with new grids. This way you ensure that the bot continues to trade for you.


Can you lose money with a grid bot?

You do not control your own trades. You determine at a grid bot where the trades may be taken. You also decide when it is no longer allowed. So you have control over when the bot will trade. But you don't know when your bot will enter a trade. The intention of the bot is that it will automatically earn crypto for you. That's why we recommend testing with a small amount until you know how the grid bot works.


How do I make my own Grid bot?

 1. Create an account at Bybit

To make a grid bot you must have an account with Bybit.

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2. Go to the Bybit grid bot setup

To go to the grid bot you have to click on the top bar trade and then trading bot Now you see 2 different types of bots. You can choose from Spot grid bot and DCA Grid bot. To create a profitable gritbot on Bybit, we opt for the Spot grid bot. click on Create now.


where can i find bybit grid bot?

3. Adjust and fill in the grid bot settings

It is important to adjust your settings. You have to select which crypto currency the bot will trade for you. We recommend trading on BTC/USDT. If you have created an account through us, you do not pay any costs on the bitcoin. You should not copy the price of what is in the example. All data is different because it is from an old price promotion. Try to find the right settings for the range where the price is now.


The default grid bot settings of Bybit

If you want to create the bot in 1 button with the settings of Bybit, click on Auto Fill. Now a number of grids and ranges are filled in. You can also adjust these settings of Bybit itself are made for an average timeframe. The expected profit of the bot per grid is given below.


first grid bot

How do I launch my trading bot on Bybit?

If you have filled in your bot completely and put it together correctly, it can be tested. Click on the create now button and you will see that your trading bot will start trading on the street and in front of you. Congratulations if you did it right, the bot can now earn crypto currency for you.* You can also create multiple grid bots and then see what the settings mean and do. This way your own trading bot can maximize profit.


How can I copy Bybit bots from other trades?

If you do not want to be involved with the bots yourself or do not want to keep an eye on your bot and do not want to test and control your bot, you can also easily copy grid bots from other traders on Bybit. bot and click copy.

Step 1. Go back and go to the trading bots high page.


grid bot leaderboards


Step 2. Scroll down and click on leader board.

Step 3. Enter the amount of USDT that the bot is allowed to trade with. And click Create now.


What can I expect from my grid bot?

You can expect your grid bot to earn money for you. It will certainly work if you have the settings right. Grid bots are usually used to earn a little extra. If you can trade well, the bot will not trade better than you. It's a way to make money without putting a lot of time into it. It can show as still good % profit for a bot. A grid bot can be used to generate passive income.


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