How to become a good trader?

How do I become a profitable trader?

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Do you dream of being able to make a living from trading? Profitable trading is difficult for beginners. But after a lot of practice it works. But how do you really become a good trader? We have tips for trading and letting go of worries. Thanks to the tips that we are going to cover in this article, you will become a better trader. If you want to know how to maximize your trading profit after reading, click here.

Don't rush is a trade

Rest is very important in trading. To stay calm, don't rush in. It makes you think better and maybe even think about getting in. This way you don't get stressed. Take a break and do not keep looking at the price after placing the trade. If you placed the order with TP and Stop Loss it will take time. It doesn't matter if you have to wait a long time for it to be filled. or takes a long time.

Don't focus on profit, focus on loss.

Sometimes people are distracted by the numbers. But this is a danger in trading. It is important to make sure that you win %. When placing a take profit, do not think of a certain number that is mandatory to achieve. Little bits always help. And those little bits help earn more. Also avoid entering via a market order. Market order is an order that is used to buy at the current price of the asset. And these orders are more expensive than the orders set at a certain price point.

Think risk management.

It is important to limit your risk. Because the less risk you run, the better your PnL (Profit&Loss). It is underestimated how important it is. But if you get this right once, you will earn more in the long run and maximize your profit. There is also a handy trading tool that visualizes the PnL. You can find this in your trading program on the left side of the tools, there is a long and short order somewhere. If you put it on the entrance and then drag it to the stopploss and the tp some data will come out. It is important to keep an eye on the Risk/Reward ratio. Make sure it is positive and high. For example, if it is a 2.3+, you can consider joining. If it is below 1.50 it is a less interesting trade. So make sure the higher the better. This is a very handy tip.  

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Keep an order diary

This is a tip that is useful to apply. This allows you to continuously improve yourself. To apply this, you visualize all trades. And this is really important to keep track of. Why is an order journal important? To apply this you visualize which trades were good and bad, how much profit or loss you had and all other important data. Keep this information:

-PnL per trade.

-Take the reason for trade.

-profit and loss.

-Comments on why you think the trade failed or went well.

Other information that you find important.

If you keep this data for a while. In the long run you can look back and find out why things went well and badly. You can always learn from this and thus earn more money. And you have the perfect overview. To apply this, there is more for everyone to learn.

Learn how to use Leverage

If you really want to get good it is wise to use levradge. Levradge is also known as lever. If you know once you know how it works, you can earn a lot of extra money with this. I recommend starting with a small amount as it is dangerous if used incorrectly. What is a levradge? You can trade with a larger position than you have. Suppose you have 100 euros. then you can bet with a levrage of 2x 200 euros. Before using it, please read information about it before using it. It's not dangerous if you get it. But every trader uses this. Because it is really very important to master it.

Use tradingview

Tradingview is a program where you can make notes and visualize things in the stock, crypto or forex. It has a lot of tools and indicators that are important to use. A trader cannot do without a trading program. Thanks to tradingview you can see everything.

You can set levels, apply Indicators, set Volume Profile and much more.

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Find the best exchange

Find the best exchange. Find 1 that is meant for trading. We advise you to start using Bybit. That's because bybit is meant for trading. There is also a Levradge to use which is important for traders or people who want to learn how to trade. Also, all orders placed on bybit are executed quickly. You can also easily see closed trades and open trades with a live PnL and other data. Bybit also has a lot of buy and sell orders. A disadvantage of bybit is that it is unclear. But if you use the platform longer, you will find all options and functions in the platform. If you want to try Bybit, you can read here by clicking the green button

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