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What is a stock index?

What is an index share? It is a stock with many shares. In some indexes there are as many as 1000. But why are the indices so cheap? Or do you want to know whether it is wise to invest in an index? stock exchange provides all information about these shares.

What makes these stocks so special?

There are many indexes. They come in large and small. The largest even has 1600+ in it. The prices of an index are cheap. That's because the price is calculated by taking the average of all the stocks in it. MSCI World Index is the largest stock in the world. The Netherlands also has its own index. This is called the AEX and stands for Amsterdam Exchange Index. These include the largest and most traded publicly traded companies. And comes from Euronext. What is Euronext? It is a stock exchange company that also owns a share.

What are the best indexes?

Index stocks are generally the safest. That's because you also own a lot of shares at the same time. And you have not only looked for individual shares of your choice. The price of an index is made by the average of all stocks in the index. Actually, not 1 is the best. It's just what you're looking for. The best-known indexes are listed below. If you want a monthly chance to win 1500$ you can participate in the giveaways at the bottom.

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The 3 best in 2022

The most famous is the S&P500 stands for Standard&Poor's and has the 500 largest US stocks. This share has existed since 1957.

At number 2 is the AEX Amsterdam Exchange Index and has the 25 largest European stocks. This share was founded in 1983.

At number 3 is the DAX Deutscher Aktienindex. And has the 40 largest shares and has been in existence since 1988.

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