Can you trade crypto better on some days?

Published on 16 December 2022 at 11:48

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How do I find the best day to trade?

A day has 7 days and some days the price action is lower than the others. This occurs several times and it can also ensure that you make extra trading profit on some days. For example, Sunday is a bad day to trade. That depends on different points. We explain everything about why you should and should not trade bitcoins on these days. We also explain advantages and disadvantages.

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What influences the daily return of crypto?

Some days give more profit on average than the others. It is not only the case with crypto currencies, but also with shares and forex. The reason why the price is more active and easier to trade on some days is a few points. These are the 2 main reasons.


When most crypto traders are active

When most traders are active, the price moves quickly back and forth. That's why Monday is always high. This is also partly due to the stock markets that open, but professional traders are often trading then. It is also more difficult for the average trader to make a profit on these days.


When the stock markets are open

When the financial markets open, this will provide an extra boost. Stock exchanges open every day. But some stocks remain closed over the weekend, adding to the pressure on Monday.


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Difference trading is the weekend and Monday to Friday.

There is not much difference from Monday to Friday. the yield to fall. But during the week, the price action is almost always equally active unless something special is planned. There is a higher return on weekends. The days where you can make the easiest return is always different because not every trader is equally good. For some gtraders it does not matter when you start trading, but if you are a beginner it does. Here's why and when it's best for you.


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Best day for novice traders

If you are a novice trader, it is best to start trading during the weekend. The professional traders are less active on weekends. During the weekend, mainly novice traders are also active. This ensures that this is the easiest trading and you can earn more money. That is why the weekend is useful for trading crypto currencies if you are new to it.


Clear trading chart

On weekends, price action is easier to read and levels are better respected. Monday to Friday is sometimes more complicated with things that novice crypto traders don't understand. During the weekend, the price moves more clearly and therefore more precisely, making it easier to find an entry, take profit and stop loss.


Less likely to be liquidated when trading crypto

Because the price action is easier on the weekend, you are less likely to place a stop loss in a liquidation zone. You probably know that when you have found the perfect trade you are just put out. and that then 1 time the trade has been played well, so that you have lost the trade. This is because you have placed a stop-loss order in a liquidation zone. In the course of time you learn what it is, but you don't have this as quickly during the weekend.


Best days for experienced traders

If you have been trading cryptocurrencies for a long time, you are familiar with every situation. This way you know how to make a profit every day. But then the weekend is still a handy option because you might be able to make extra profit.


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Which days can I get more crypto profit?

There are also standard days when the highest return is made and the worst return. This is not the case for everyone, but this is only the average. The best and bad day of the average return is listed below.


Monday best trading day

Monday is the best day to trade. That is of course because the stock markets and traders are more active again. This ensures that mornings are the best to start. The disadvantage is that the price is more volatile.

best day for crypto trading.

Wednesday bad trading day

Wednesday is the day that currently gives the average poor return on average for the average trader on the stock exchange.

worst day for crypto trading.

What time of day is the most traded?

Around 8am to 4am there is the most volume on the crypto currency charts. This is because most people are awake around this time. That creates nice action in the price and that is why you see a revival around the market as standard around these times. It might be an idea for you to be active around that time.


Is the best time to trade different on exchanges?

It doesn't really matter which exchange you are going to trade on to find the best day and time. All charts from all exchanges are connected to each other. Therefore, the best trading day is the same for every exchange. The best times in the day is also the same.

There is also no difference when you trade them with the different crypto coins. This means that if bitcoin is traded a lot, many traders are also active on the altcoins. In terms of price action it is of course different.

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