Difference long and short orders

Published on 11 November 2022 at 15:52

Use long or short

There are 2 different orders in crypto trading. You can also use long and shgort for forex trades. What the differences are between these 2 orders are explained. After reading this article you will find out why it is important to use all of them and how to use them. After reading.

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What is a long order?

A long order stands for buy order and is used in a trade where the price must rise to make a profit. A long order can always be used with any digital asset. That is because the long order is an order that is always used and also for investments. Because with a long order you expect the price to rise. This button is green on every exchange and crypto exchange. And you then make a profit on the green candle sticks.


What is a short order?

A short order is a sell order. If you are going to trade crypto with a short order, you will make a profit if the price falls. It is sometimes difficult to understand how it works. But if you use a short order, you want the price of the crypto currency to fall. Your stop loss is therefore above your buy order.

A short order is therefore a buy order, but then you pay your trade afterwards


Which crypto exchanges can I trade with short?

There are several crypto exchanges where you can trade short. We have 2 crypto exchanges where you can trade all order types. Of these 2, we recommend Bybit because this exchange is better thanks to multiple tools and is more transparent for traders. The nice thing is that if you create an account with a crypto exchange via here. You can automatically participate in a giveaway of $1500 in bitcoin every month. How you can participate can be found at the bottom of the page


bybit logo short trading

Bybit is an exchange that is widely used by crypto exchanges. The advantage with this exchange compared to Binance is that you can more easily start using the sell orders here. That is because Bybit is intended for crypto currency traders. Professional traders use short orders just as often as long orders. This exchange has no expensive trading costs.

And if you create an account via the button below, you do not have to pay any fees on your trades for the rest of your life!

long and short trade binance

Binance is a great exchange where you can also trade levradge. This exchange is mainly intended for investing in crypto coins. But you can also trade short. The disadvantage here is that you have to create a special wallet to be able to trade crypto coins with shorts. You will also receive levradge. This is called Binance Futures trading. The fees at Binance are also low compared to the other exchanges. Bybit's fees are lower than Bybit. Binance is the number 2 cheapest crypto exchange worldwide.

Advantages of sell orders

If you understand a short order, you can get much more revenue from trading. We are happy to explain the biggest advantage to you.


Is a short order only for traders?

A short order is not used by the investor. Because you are making an investment for the long term, you expect the price to rise.

A short (sell order) Used for traders. on the short-term. A trader can make an analysis where you expect the price to fall. A trader can always do this in this way


master chart simple

Can you use levradge in a short trade?

Yes, you can use a short order on exchanges that offer levradge on their platform. The operation of the levradge is also the same in terms of price for a sale order. Not all exchanges offer delivery. The best crypto exchanges that use levradge is Bybit. Read more about the top 3 best crypto exchanges here. If you create an account through us, you automatically participate in the bitcoin giveaways. If you want to use levradge make sure you know what you are doing.


What are the advantages of using long and short orders?

If you know all the trading functions of the entries it can offer you trading opportunities. This way you can also earn money at times where it was not possible before because a long order was not interesting. Now you can use the shorts with it. Below you will find a number of + points that it is good for.


Seeing your crypto orders at smart watch

You can always trade

If you know the long and shgort orders well, you can always use these buy and sell orders. Because the long makes a profit on an increase and a short makes a profit on a decrease, there is always trade. This means that there is always money to be made in the market.

You can make money every day with crypto trading

If you use the long and shorts you can always trade. But that also means that there is money to be made in the crypto currency market every day. If you used to only earn crypto with the long orders, you now earn much more. Because there is always crypto to trade with these entry orders.

Earn twice as much with long and short trades

You deserve more. You can now find 2x more trades and therefore also make 2x more crypto profit. That is why it is important to know all the orders. If you don't already know this question, What is a short order? Then you can always ask the intertradeclub. An alternative is to simply test the different entry orders of long and short (buy and sell).



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