Is Bitvavo the best exchange for traders?

Published on 9 December 2022 at 13:12

Is bitvavo the best crypto exchange in Europa?

Bitvavo is an exchange where you can trade crypto. It is used to make money through trading and investing. Bitvavo is widely used by people who want to invest in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. But for trading it is also a good platform. We explain everything about Bitvavo and tell you why bitvavo is or is not recommended.

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why is bitvavo the best exchange

The history of Bitvavo

Bitvavo was founded by Tim Baardse and Jelle de Boer. And was founded in 2017. It was intended to be used for investing. Because the founders are Dutch, Bitvavo was launched in the Netherlands. That happened in 2018. That was also a time when the crypto market was a whole trend and Bitcoin and other coins were far above the all-time high. The company has become successful in the Netherlands and has expanded to several countries in Europe.


The countries where Bitvavo is available are the countries with sepa as payment method. That is Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Finland, France, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Czech Republic, Spain, Slovenia, Slovakia, United Kingdom, Sweden and Switzerland.

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Bitvavo cost and usability

It is useful for everyone to know what the costs are if you want to use bitvavo. It is wise to know for investors traders. Bitvavo itself says that the costs are low. If you are a beginner is user-friendliness. Also important. Bitvavo is also suitable if you want to start trading and investing. We are happy to explain everything for you.


Bitvavo usability

Bitvaov is an exchange with 2 different interfaces. They are called standard and advanced. If you are going to use advanced you will see a lot of data which is important for traders. By default, Bitvavo is set to default. Standard is well-arranged and clear. The only thing you see then is what is useful. You can easily buy your crypto currency with a few buttons. Bitvavo users find Bitvavo a fast, cheap and easy exchange.


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Bitvavo cost

Bitvavo only works with fees that you pay when opening an order. How much fees you pay is determined by the amount of volume you are trading in a month. The more volume you make, the cheaper your orders become. You pay a maximum of 0.15% per order. If you traded more than $25,000,000 in 1 month, you only pay 0.03% of your bet amount. Compared to other crypto exchanges, this is fairly cheap. If you are an investor it doesn't matter much. That is because with an investment you buy crypto for the long term and with trading several times a day. That is why you should be well aware about the costs of the best crypto exchange bitvavo.


Security and reliability of bitvavo wallet

The security and reliability is important on a crypto exchange because you do not want your crypto coins to be stolen or disappear from your account. This is important for every user. What we see compared to other exchanges is that it is both very good on Bitvavo. Of course, not everything can be guaranteed and you can also prepare for it if things go wrong.



Reliability is also part of security. Anyone who keeps crypto currencies on exchange wants to be sure that it is safe. Bitvavo is clear and honest about their own platform. They also always keep you informed about important financial matters and about user safety. You can also always contact customer service. Where you will be helped quickly and well. This is a sign that it is a good place to trade crypto currencies


Security of bitvavo wallets

Everyone has their own wallet addresses. These are needed to send and receive crypto. People can withdraw crypto coins from it if they have been able to log into your account.


Bitvavo cannot provide complete security. Hackers can also enter via Bitvavo itself. Some exchanges such as Binance have already been hacked. That doesn't mean everyone has had their crypto stolen. But some wallets do. Bitvavo is very concerned with keeping all data and the company safe. They also ensure that crypto cannot be stolen. Bitvavo is the number 1 safest in Europe because nothing has ever gone wrong.

You are also responsible for your own crypto coins. You can protect yourself by enabling 2-step verification and storing your crypto on a hardware wallet. You can read more about how you can protect yourself against criminals on this page.


2023 crypto exchange rankings bitvavo

Is Bitvavo a good exchange for traders?

Using Bitvavo as a trading exchange for crypto coins is recommended for all traders. Whether you are a novice trader or are experienced with trading bitcoin or other currencies. We recommend that you at least start on Bitvavo and learn how to trade. We took that from several points.


What do traders think of Bitvavo?

Most important of all is the experience of traders and the opinions of users about this exchange. We have asked and searched what the customers think of this crypto exchange themselves. It has been found that the customers are very satisfied with the platform. They find everything clear and are quickly helped with their problems. It's hard to find what people dislike about bitvavo and what they should change. How many stars does Bitvavo have? On trustpilot the user gives 4 stars. That is very good compared to other exhcanges like bybit and binance.


The trading costs of Bitvavo

As we just talked before, the trading fees are not expensive either. You only pay the fees on the crypto currency you buy. So you do not pay extra money every so often because you own a crypto coin. This means that bitvavo is suitable for traders and investors from most countries in Europe.


The speed of the market on bitvavo

It is very important for traders that you have no delay. If you have a delay on your orders or the price is behind, it can cause you to pay too much money than what is necessary. This does not matter much, but it is useful for traders to have a fast exchange. Bitvavo is fast and the speed of bitvavo can always be seen in advanced layout. This makes you walk well with the price. This is useful for scalp trading.


Trading features on bitvavo

If you are planning to start trading on bitvavo, tools like levradge can come in handy. Bitvavo doesn't have many tools and doesn't have a levradge. Bitvavo does have an extensive design with many different order types. It is kept small which is useful for starting traders. This way traders who are new have a clear overview and for experienced traders there is still enough of what you need. This makes it recommended for everyone.


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Order types Bitvavo

Bitvavo has several order types. They don't have a short order. That is only a disadvantage for some traders. But they do have orders. A market order is most commonly used, which is that you immediately go into position. but they have even more orders like Fill or kill, immediate or cancel and good till canceled. These are the lemit orders. Read more about the bitvavo orders here.

Bitvavo also has the stop loss orders of course. Those are orders for traders if their analysis doesn't play out. This is a market order to prevent your loss. With all the order types you have you can use any trading strategy

on bitvavo.

Is Bitvavo a good exchange for investors?

Because bitvavo has no expensive costs, it is advisable to invest in crypto coins. This is due to the user friendliness and the wide range of crypto coins.


User-friendliness for crypto investors

Bitvavo is clear and well-arranged. In their navigation bar you can easily go to what you are looking for. And if you do have a question, you can easily find it on Google. Bitvavo has a large font without too many bells and whistles. This provides a basic overview that is clear to young and old. You can also easily access your crypto currency wallet.


Offer crypto coins bitvavo

Bitvavo has a total of 175 different crypto coins that can be traded 24/7. They have everything clearly lined up with the price difference. The price and volume are also included. You can also see a small micro chart of the price development of the crypto currency. You can easily see the offer and you do not necessarily have to be logged in for it. Find your crypto coins for your bitvavo portfolio here. If you are new, we recommend that you first check the giveaway from bitvavo and intertradeclub.


Giveaway bitvavo and intertrade club

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There are also more crypto exchanges that are safe and good. Binance and Bybit are also good crypto exchanges. Before you make a decision whether to trade on Bitvavo, we also advise you to delve into the other 2 exchanges. This can also lead to a better result. This page lists the top cryptocurrency exchanges of 2023 with important explanations about the exchanges.

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