What are trading pairs?

Published on 11 October 2022 at 14:24

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A trading pair is important for anyone who wants to make money in the financial markets. Choosing the right pairing seems easy, but there are a number of points that you should pay attention to because not every pairing is suitable for what you want to do. After reading this blog you will find out what the best pairings are for you.

What are pairings?

A pairing of trading is the currency in which you are paid. There are many different currencies for that. In our examples we are talking about crypto pairings but also the money for all other digital assets that can be traded.

If you buy a crypto currensy, the pairing is stated after the name. With crypto, this is usually USDT or Bitcoin. If you are going to buy a crypto currency and close the position, you will receive your money in the currency of the pairing.


What types of pairings are there?

There are a total of 180 pairings that can be traded. But not all pairings can be used. In short, there are 179 pairings to trade. But not all pairings are on the brokers and exchanges.

And pairing is at many different types of markets. We will briefly inform you about the most used pairings below.

Crypto Currency,

A crypto currency is a currency that you can trade. There are also different types of pairings with crypto currencies. When you trade an altcoin you are usually paid in
Tether (USDT) or Bitcoin (BTC). Tether is a stable coin for the USD. The USD continues to be the most widely used currency everywhere. Are you looking for an exchange for crypto? Click here and enter the crypto giveaways.

The pairing of shares,

By default, when you buy shares you will be paid in the currency used in your country of residence. So with shares you have no choice is the pairing.

the USD pairing from the USDT in trading

Forex trading pairs
Forex trading is trading between different currencies. For example, you can trade the euro against the USD. With Forex you trade all pairings against each other in order to gain profit. When trading forex, the pairing does not matter much because you trade the pairing where profit can be earned according to your analysis.

Does the price of a trading pair move?

Yes, a pairing always changes price. With some pairings the price is changed a lot. If you trade crypto against Bitcoin, the pairing can change a lot. This pairing is therefore often chosen because they can earn more Bitcoin and if the Bitcoin rises, they earn a double return. This is also why pairing is important. A pairing is chosen for the long term and can have a big difference on your profit and loss because with each pairing the price changes.


What is the best pairing to use?

The right currency for the pairing is important for everyone whether you are a trader or an investor, choosing the right pairing can make a lot of difference to your return in the end.

Below is explained what the best choice is.


Best pairing for traders.

When you are trading you can choose to choose different currencies. You can choose a lot as a pairing such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), (USDT) and much more depending on which exchange you use.
When you trade you can choose to trade with a pairing that you have high expectations in. If you buy the crypto currency Bitcoin you can trade with it with other altcoins and so you earn more bitcoin.

So you get free bitcoin as a reward from your trades.

So if Bitcoin goes up, you make profit from both sides. This is only useful for traders who traded on the low time frame. That is also why the most commonly used trading pair is Bitcoin and then the USDT.


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Best pairing for investors.

As an investor, the best choice for the USDT is the crypto currency trading. Because if the price of the coins goes up and the bitcoin goes up, the price can still go down.

That is only dangerous for investors who use a pairing of a crypto currency such as Bitcoin or Etheureum. Then it is better to opt for a stable coin such as the USDT.

Why is a pairing different for traders than for investors?

As described above, choosing is important, but how is it possible that a pairing is a different choice for traders than for investors? This is because the price of the pairing can turn negative if its price rises. An example if you buy a Polkadot with Bitcoin and the price of Bitcoin itself increases, the price of the Polkadot decreases with the pairing of the Bitcoin. While the price is on the rise in USD.

Therefore it is not a wise choice to invest in polkadot with son pairing. Therefore, always choose a stable coin for an investment.


Can trading pairs go bankrupt?

Of course, trading pairs can fall in price. It is, of course, a currency with a winning price. The chances of it happening are not that great because the currencies used as pairing are high. It never has a certainty. But a stable coin can also fall. It doesn't happen quickly, but most pairings are not at risk.

A pairing can also rise. That is why pairings are used in trading. That is why crypto traders use Bitcoin pairing. They do that because they traded on long-term profits and they believe in Bitcoin. This way they earn double profit thanks to the pairing.

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Which crypto exchange has the most choice in pairings?

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