How do I find the best crypto exchange?

Published on 7 October 2022 at 19:02

Where is the best place to trade crypto

Looking for the best crypto exchange for Europe or the best crypto exchange in the US, Or looking for the best crypto exchange in the world? intertradeclub is happy to help you find the best. We have made a list of the top 3 exchanges for traders and explain why we came for these crypto exchanges. In addition to helping you find the best.

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Where is the best place to trade crypto for free?

A good exchange is important for every trader. Every trader looks for an exchange to trade on. You don't just want to have a good exchange because it looks clear. But a good exchange is also important to save costs. That's one of the best with more points. But finding the best exchange can be difficult. Finding the best exchange to earn money is therefore important.

Intertradeclub has found the 3 best exchanges for crypto trading through opinions and facts for day traders and scalp traders. So for any trader this is a valuable blog. How do I find the best crypto exchange for me?


What is a crypto exchange?

A crypto exchange is a place where you can easily buy and sell crypto coins. On an exchange you can see important data about the price development of the coins that the platform offers.

Not only do you have a lot of choice in altcoins, but you can also easily earn money with a crypto coin to increase your crypto portfolio. That is done with trading.


Best crypto exchange US

What is considered when finding the best crypto exchanges?

trading costs.

The costs on an exchange are important because every trader places a lot of positions, you naturally want it to remain as low as possible. With crypto, the trading fees are generally low. But we do pay attention to this because every exchange has different fees. There are also differences with the costs that you have to pay for the type of position you open. At any exchange, a market order is more expensive than a limit order for long and short. Or while buy and sell limit orders.

We look for the cheapest exchanges with the lowest costs on the limit order because these orders are always used.



It is important that you know an exchange well and know how to use all the tools. Still, we have taken user-friendliness into account for the best exchanges crypto. We do that because the first look at an exchange should also be good. Not only clear, but that the orders are also easy to place without too many options that you can use.

This way we can research what the best exchange is for novice and experienced traders. We also took into account whether there were any trading apps and software from the crypto exchanges.


traders opinions.

We also keep looking at what other traders think of the exchanges. This showed that the opinions were quite different among the crypt traders about best exchanges crypto. However, we have been able to rank all our tested crypto exchanges well in the crypto exchange ranking of our list. Many people felt that there was a delay with placing an order at some exchanges, which made you lag behind the market and that some exchanges did not have the right crypto currensy that they wanted to trade.

With all these things, we have found the best exchange for cryptocurrencies traders.


giveaway opinion crypto

The speed on the exchange.

The speed at a crypto currency exchange is important. Because traders are in position in the short term, we take into account the speed of the people who search for the best crypto exchange for scalp traders and day traders, we have come to the conclusion that a lot has fallen away from our crypto exchange ranking list. 


Why is speed at a crypto exchange important for traders? If your entries, stop losses, and take profit are placed early and with scalp trading, for example, it can go wrong because you have paid more than not because the price has already gone too far. The speed can therefore save unnecessary costs.

Time doesn't matter that much to many people, but we do pay attention to it.

Most used crypto exchange 2022 world wide

How do I find the best crypto exchange for me?

Finding the best exchange for myself in not difficult. In just a few steps you will find what suits you best. Thanks to a few steps you can quickly find out what you want and what you need


We recommend choosing from major well-known exchanges such as Binance or Bybit.
What kind of trader are you? Below are the best exchanges for certain types of traders. To read more about the exchanges you can scroll down and also participate in a Bitcoin giveaway if you are interested in it.

Best exchange for experienced traders

What is the best exchange for experienced traders? That's Bybit. Bybit is very similar to Binance but Bybit has better tools for a stop loss. Just like Binance, Bybit is one of the largest crypto currency exchanges in the world.


Bybit is known for its low fees. On spot trading you pay 0% fee on spot trades if you create an account through intertradeclub. It also has a levradge function with which you can earn more money if you can use it well.

If you create an account for the best exchanges via intertrade club, you do not have to pay any trading costs and trading is free.

Best exchange for novice traders

If you are looking for the best exchange for beginner traders who are learning, we recommend Bybit and Binance. Binance is a handy choice but Bybit has a bit more tools. The disadvantage is that it contains tools that are dangerous for your crypto currency if you do not know them. That's why we recommend starting on Binance and moving on to Bybit later. If you choose to use Bybit directly, you do not have to pay any fees. So the cheapest crypto exchange is Bybit. Read more about these 2 exchanges below.



You also have a chance to win $1500 Bitcoin at all exchanges if you create an account through us. If you do not want to participate in this giveaway you are guaranteed a free bonus and that is that you do not have to pay any fees for your trades, so your trades are free. all you have to do is create an account via intertradeclub.

Exchange for traders who want a clear exchange

The most transparent exchange for traders that we recommend is Bitvavo. Bitvavo is reliable and clear. You have 2 types of formats and it has a lot of tools but if you want simple trading at a lower level, Bitvavo also has an overlay that is easy to use. The disadvantage is that it cannot be used worldwide. We recommend this exchange for most countries of earopa. Below you can read more about this exchange. It is also a useful exchange to get acquainted with the crypto markets.

If you create an account for the best exchange via intertrade club, you do not have to pay any trading costs and trading is free.

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These are the best crypto exchanges of 2022

Bybit is the number 1 best exchange of 2022 for traders. It is clear and it has many tools. The exchange fills all orders quickly and has a welcome bonus through new members who create an account through us. So this is the best exchange in USA, The best exchange in the US and all other areas such as Europe. If you are new to trading, Bybit is also the best exchange to learn how to trade.

best crypto exchange in india. best crypto exchange australia

The costs are:

Spot: 0.10%

Perpetual & Futeres  0.06% First $1000 is free.

Binance is the largest exchange and is also in the top 3 best crypto exchanges and is also 1 of the best worldwide. When registering with us you will receive a welcome bonus. Binance is known for their large altcoin range that can all be traded.

The costs are also extremely low and that is why it is in this list. Binance has been the biggest since its inception and it still is today. The disadvantage of Binance is that it does not have a (market) stop loss, but it does have a limit stop loss. But it still remains one of the best. Binance is best suited for long-term investments in cryptocurrencies.

The costs are:

Up to 1,000,000 0.1% fee. Get free crypto when depositing.

Bitvavo is an exchange that is not available for all countries. This is the best crypto exchange in Europe. This exchange cannot be used outside of Europe. So this is not the best crypto exchange in the US.

If you are a trader in Europe you can use this platform. It is fast, reliable and clear. Bitvavo also has many trading tools. That is why this is the best exchange crypto Europe.

the costs are:

Up to 100,000 0.15%

Above 100,000 0.1% First $1000 is free.

What is the best crypto exchange for traders.

Bybit is the best exchange in the world. So also from this top 3 of the best crypto exchanges worldwide. We have judged that on the opinions of traders and other important points such as user-friendliness, reliability and more. 

Bybit has low fees.

Traders place trades at 0.6%. That is very low compared to other exchanges. You also pay 0.6% per trade with the provided tool from bybit. Bybit is known for its low costs. Because the costs should be as low as possible for traders, we have taken this into account. usa, europa world wide best 


Bybit has useful tools.

Bybit has many tools that are unnecessary. All these tools are easy to understand and not complicated in each one. This is useful for novice and experienced traders who want to trade or learn on the best exchange. best cryptocurrency app


All order types Bybit

Bybit has many different orders for both buy and sell orders. All these orders are easy to deploy and clearly described. There are also multiple orders for your stop loss. For example, you can choose that part of your stop loss is used and that can be useful tools for certain traders. Some exchanges have difficult orders, so not all functions are clear. You don't have to worry about the best crypto exchange called Bybit.


The speed of the markets are fast.

For traders, the speed of how the price moves and that the orders are filled quickly is important. Because you are on the low timeframe, there may be a difference in the prices of the same crypto currency compared to the coins on other exchanges.

For example, An Bitcoin can be cheaper on Bybit than on Binance. It's not about a lot of seconds, but Bybit doesn't suffer from this. One downside of Binance is that they do have it. The orders you place are therefore not delayed and you will never pay too much for your orders and entries.

So this can save costs. And make trading cheaper.


Bybit has nice promotions. (and giveaways)

Intertradeclub also holds a giveaway every month for people who have joined through us. But Bybit also holds fun promotions and giveaways. For example, they have a trading tournament with a prize pool of, for example, a million dollars. Or that you get gifts for the number of trades you place. They often do this kind of thing too. best cryptocurrency app/

This way crypto trading can also become even more fun than it already was.


The platform is easy to understand.

the platform of the Bybit is well-arranged. And is clear for novice and experienced traders. Bybit also has its own software that ensures that it is easy and clear.

The navigation in this exchange is logical and that makes bybit the number 1 best crypto exchange in the world.


A free bonus when you sign up.

If you register with an exchange, you will receive an extra bonus in addition to being able to participate in the $1500 Bitcoin giveaway. Everyone who creates an account through intertradeclub will receive a bonus. At Bitvavo the first $1000 is free, At Binance you get an extra bonus on your deposited amount in your account and at Bybit you also get extra money deposited with your first deposit.


So everyone gets this one. If you have any questions about trading, you can always contact us. Also if you have questions about exchanges or other questions about trading on exchanges.

If you want to learn to trade actively, you can easily learn the basics here.

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