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Published on 25 September 2022 at 21:07

best trading pattern signals 2022

What are trading patterns?

What are trading patterns? They are signals that often show where the next price stop is. But what good are patterns and how am I going to use them? We explain all that in this article about patterns. We also show all patterns used in 2022. It can be complicated and never enter a trade because of a pattern. Because patterns don't always match. Here you will find 12 different patterns that are widely used and can provide certainty in trading analysis. These patterns can be seen on various charts. If you are interested in a crypto giveaway you can participate at the bottom of the page.

Why should I use trade patterns?

Patterns always show up in the market. But sometimes patterns can show whether the price is going to rise or fall. It is not always the case, but it is easier to see if you are entering a trade. It is with every digital asset that they appear. You cannot blindly trust them, but paying close attention to the patterns can provide more profit. How can a pattern generate more profit? That's because you can expect an impulse because of a pattern. Usually that is with a compression triangle.

We'll explain a lot more about that later. These patterns are only useful for traders. If you are not a trader you can learn more about trading here.

Before you start reading

These are patterns that are widely used. The last pattern is actually not that important. But the 1 to 7 are important to know if you want to start learning on patterns. Most are complete. Some are very similar. And we skipped the patterns that were very similar because they don't matter. With each pattern you have to make your own analysis and set your stop loss. Because trusting patterns cannot be 100%.

Also do not view this information as financial advice. The patterns that occur are never completely correct. Therefore, always be aware that the pattern can also play out wrong.

1) compression pattern

A compression triangle is the most commonly used pattern. This one is always important. With this pattern you can easily see where the price is going up and down while it is no longer on support or resistance. That's because it's in a compression. That means the swings are getting smaller and smaller. There are 3 types of compressions.the first compression is descending. This means that there is a straight line at the bottom and the swings get shorter and shorter at the top.

A rising compression is that the price tops stay the same at the upside and get shorter and shorter at the bottom. So this is just the opposite.
But the most common compression triangle is actually that it gets narrower at the top and bottom. This is also known as the Bullish Pennant

This is a compression pattern in trading. There are several variants. At this compression, the support and resistance lines are equal.

But what good is this compression? It ensures that an enormous power is piled up and the longer you stay in it the bigger it is. And this provides a great impulse. It can turn out positively and negatively. But if you use your take profit and your stop loss well, you can make good trades on it. Because big price action is expected at the outbreak of the compression, people like to see compression. Nice trades can also be made before the breakout since you are then in a good price range. So this triangle is rightly number one. See the photo on the right for what a compression triangle looks like. If you understand it well, this is very valuable and you will become a better trader thanks to the patterns. It can also be used well with levradge if you do it right. Read more about which exchange is best to use levradge.

2) Rising Wedge patter

Are you looking for a rising wedge pattern? Then we have the answer to your question. This pattern can be ascending and descending. There are several parts that are important to be able to use this cartridge properly. In this example, we are going to use a rising price. This pattern goes like this. You have the price going up and the price is never straight. It always fluctuates between support and resistance. As the price rises, the supert and resistance steets get closer to each other. So this is also a compression. It is very similar to the pattern explained above. Because the price rises and becomes compressed, there must be an impulse. Because it happens in an increase, there is a very good chance that the price will shoot down. Why doesn't the price rise to high on a rising wedge pattern? That's because the price is already going up. therefore it can shoot downwards. Again, the longer it stays in compression, the greater the impulse.

This is a rising wedge pattern in the bullish variant. This is common, just like the breakout pattern.

How do I trade a rising wedge pattern trade? Place the trade on the resistance line. A short trade. Not sure how to place a short? Then click here.

Place the stop above the trend line and the wings and try to find the liquidation zone. Because if you're in this, it's a shame to let your profit lie. On the right is a photo with an example of what a rising wedge is. This pattern occurs in crypto market, stock market and the forex market. This signal occurs in uptrends and downtrends. Just like all other patterns. When this pattern is falling it is called the falling wedge pattern. And the price will rise again at the end of the compression. Always use your risk analysis.

3) breakout signals paterns

A breakout is breaking out of a range. This creates new price action. A breakout can therefore be mocked with a signal from a pattern. Price action is always in blocks with cryptocurrency, forex and stocks. Those blocks are ranges. And if you go up a range you are in the next block. That means the price has gone up. Because traders want to make a profit in the short term, they like to trade the breakout. But how do I trade the breakout? See the image on the left for  an example.

If the resistance is a suport for it is a breakout.
When that signal has come, the best entry is the pullback. This pattern is almost always som back tested. So a breakout pattern is also easy to spot. Because many people play these trades, the price goes up. This breakout can also go down. The same applies to that. But of course you can also place a short trade on it. The price impulse often goes to the next level. So make sure you always keep up with your risk management. When trading you do not want to be far in the loss.

The breakout is very popular and these trades are searched more often than trading in a range. and the chance that this trade will succeed is also quite high. as long as you wait for a back test. There are also fakeouts. That is the same as a breakout pattern but then the impulse is not strong enough and it drops back into the old range and sometimes the price even goes a range lower. That is why the back test on the old resistance is important to complete the construction.

The breakout is confirmed on the old resistance line and it is now supported.


4) Head and shoulders patern

What Is A Head and Shoulders Pattern? It is a reliable pattern that shows an upcoming reveral. The head is the top of the uptrend. If the right shoulder does not rise higher than the left shoulder. That is the swing on the right side of the head then it is a signal that the uptrend has stopped. If the price falls below the neckline and a resistance hits the neckline, it is a definite bear market. There is also an inverted head and shoulder pattern. It's the same but the other way around.A head and shoulders consist of parts. 2 shoulders and a head and a neckline. So together there are 4 parts. These all have their own names.
Left Shoulder: This is the first peak, followed by a decline. This is the left shoulder.
Head: Here the price peaks higher than the first peak, after which it falls again.
Right Shoulder: This is the third peak, followed by a decline.This is the right shoulder
Neckline: This is the bottom line connecting all the bottoms. and makes the head in the middle.

Head and shoulder trade pattern

If you would like to take a trade with this pattern, the trade is easy to set up. If you haven't done it before you may not know where to put the stopploss at a head and shoulders. When you place the trade, you don't want to be stopped and let the profit lie. Not using a stop loss is never an option when trading. That is not possible with crypto trades. But also not with stocks, forex and other digital assets. You can put the entry on the neckline. the stoploss above the wings of the right shoulder candles. So don't try to place it in a liquid zone

Because you don't want to be stopped in such trade. The entry is often placed at the point of the recent impulse for the head and shoulders. I think you know how to place a trade. That is why it is also better to look in the chart yourself and note this data. What can I see with a head and shoulder pattern? You can see when the market is going to fall. this signal is very useful for scalp and day traders. Want to see an example of ewen head and shoulder? see the image below for a clear picture. 

5)Bullish Flag pattern

A bull flag is common. This is a signal of a back test. What is a back test? That means if the price makes an impulse, the price always moves back to the high of the previous swing. Entries are often placed there. In many patterns where a breakout is or is forming often has a bull flag. But what is a bull flag?
A bullflag is a bullish pattern. When this pattern is negative it is called the bearish flag. This trading flag allows for hefigr price action. And that's what every trader wants.


To spot a bullflag, you see that the market is uptrend. If the market falls back and takes a few swings and the next high is higher than the lower high, it is a sign that the uptrend is continuing. An example is shown here. It goes like this. uptrend, Higher high lowe low, lower low, lower high and the last one is then a higher high and that is a sign of a bullish trend. If it's a bearish flag, it's just a different sum. If you want to make a trade on this, it is important to cover your stop loss well. See the example of how to do it. If you want to take this trade in the bearish, you can use a short order. Read more about a short order here.

Bullish flag trading pattern

6) Bullish Rectangle pattern 

In this pattern, the price is in a range. The bullish rectangle pattern is also in the negative. Then it is called the bearish rectange pattern. So what can I do with the bullish rectangle? You can also take the break out trade here. Once this price breaks out of the range and if the resistance becomes support it is a sign of bullishness. In the bearish rectangle pattern it is therefore the other way around. So the price will go down. The price action is divided into ranges. It jumps from range to range. They are also called blocks. So with this trade you see it jump to another block. Which can ensure that you can play the perfect trade. This signal ensures that you have a good chance of success with your trade. The rectangle is very common because price action always plays in ranges and is unstable. So this is the number 1 trading pattern of 2022. Because it is easy to see and very often used. This can often be clearly seen on a lower time frame. think of 5 minutes, 15 minutes or 4 hours.


A small example is that the price ends up in a box and goes back and forth between the support and resistance where you take a lot of scalp trades. Suddenly there is an outlier. and on the old serictanse the price rises and does not immediately fall back. This is a sign of a bullish rectangle pattern. If you experience this, go down. (bearish) you can also make the same trade with a short. Because thanks to short you can make a profit in a falling market.

This is the bullish variant of the rectangle trading pattern

7) Double Top Pattern

A double top pattern is a pattern with 2 tops that are the same height. The name says it all. Because the buds are the same height, this can set a pattern. This pattern occurs on different charts of all digital assets. Because it has double tops, the price does not rise and the construction can tilt. Thanks to the double top pattern you can get the best entry for the perfect trade. This pattern can also go down. Then it is called a double bottom pattern. In this example, we are going to use the bullish of this. When the price rises, there is always resistance. That is called resistance. If the price falls to suport and again comes against resistance and then again against suport. Show it that breaking out didn't work. If the price goes down and then pulls back against the old suport. Is it resistance again? This shows that it is a double top pattern. How do I place a trade on this? In this case you can take a short on the pull back. See the image below. For example, you can place the stop loss above the double top. Because that is a strong area so there is a good chance that your stop loss will be hit on this pattern. But always think of your own risk management and take profit management.

double top signal trading

Double top trade pattern

8) Diamond formation pattern

This is a unique pattern. That's because the swings get bigger and then closer again and because of that it often ends up in a compression. You don't see this one often. If you draw the support and resistance lines you will see a diamond. That's why it's called that. It is very difficult to place a trade on this pattern. Of course you can trade in this, but the diamond does not show any clear signals. That is why there is no example of a trade in the image on the right. If you have trading knowledge you know how to deal with this. This diamond pattern is made as follows. higher high, lower low, higher high, lower low, higher high and lower low. Now you see the price break up. Then the same thing happens again, but in one compression, so it goes like this: lower high, higher low, lower high, higher low. And so the price can go on for a long time. If the price continues to move like this, it shows price action on the example below. When you see this pattern you don't see very well where you can take an entry and whether it will become a lonmg and ee short. So the top is the same as the bottom. Because it is difficult to spot a trade, it is difficult. That's why it's not important.

diamond formation pattern

diamond trade pattern

Are there any more important patterns for traders?

Yes, there are many more patterns. We have covered the best, most important and largest in this blog. You can always ask us for more information and more patterns. But the above patterns have been widely used and sought after in 2022. That is why we are happy to share it with you. But all those patterns are very similar to the ones above. That is why it is not important to know them. Want to see more patterns? Click here and ask us a question. You will usually receive a response within 2 hours. You can ask us and the community questions. So when you open a trading program you can clearly see what patterns are and how you can place a trade on them. is happy to help you learn how to trade. That is why we are happy to give you all the help you need. Click here to learn more about bitcoin, crypto, forex, finance, stocks and much more. And we are happy to help you

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