My trade is far in loss. What should I do if I forgot my stop loss?

Published on 23 September 2022 at 17:16

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What to do with a large loss trade?

I am way down in loss with my trade. What's the best thing to do? If you are trading, using a stop loss is the most important. You never know what the price does. And as you have now noticed, things can go very wrong. But what's the best thing to do if I forgot to sell? We explain it all to you in this article. What should I do if I don't have a stop loss and levradge trade is open in the min? We also explain that and we explain how you can prevent this next time.


My trade has lost a lot, what now?

Every trader gets losing trades from time to time. Whether it is forex, crypto or stocks. You can even make a profit even though you lose 80% of your trades. But in this case you forgot to set your stop loss or thought it was not necessary. But of course you learn from this. If your son has trade and is, for example, 40% in the loss, you can also close him. Why should I close this trade?


You cannot trade without a stop loss because then it becomes gambling. The financial markets is not a casino. It's okay to take your loss because you've learned that this shouldn't happen again. It has been a valuable lesson. The price may also rise. but also fall.So I advise you to close it and use the stop loss from now on. That also gives you a lot less worries because you know the maximum you can lose. 


Still don't know what to do? Feel free to ask your question here.


A failed trade with leverage

What should I do if I have a leverage trade without a stop loss? If you have a levradge trade open and no levradge, you run a very high risk. Because the danger with levradge is that all your contracts can be closed. And then you have nothing. Therefore, always use a trading calculator. This is useful with crypto and forex. Find out more about that here.


It is wise to close your levradge trade and see it as if you have learned something from it. You now know how important that stop loss actually is. If your choice is difficult and you can't figure it out, you can ask questions here. Levradge without a stop loss is more dangerous than spot trading. Because with spot trading you always keep your crypto or currency. Leverage can liquidate your trade

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How do I avoid big losing trades?

As you have read in this article and your experience with loss, you must have realized how important it is. Because nobody wins 50% in the loss and it is normal that you are looking for a solution. That's right! We hope to help you with all your problems in learning to trade.
But how do I stop making so much loss? Always set a stop loss.

With most trade plans you place them under as many wings of the candle sticks as possible. And try to predict where other stopp losses will hit. Because why does the price drop when I'm tucked out? That is the purpose of trading.


Always use a stop loss and inspect where it is best. Some people say put it 1% below your entrance price. We do not recommend that. Because there is no context behind it.

I hope you have given enough information in this article. You can Discussions. here you will get a reply within 24 hours in 2022.

Make better use of stop loss from now on

If you learn to use the stop loss better, you can of course also earn more money. But you have to know exactly how and what the stop loss does. You also need to know exactly where to place it. You can easily learn that by trading cxrpyto currency. To begin with, you must therefore learn to trade. If you can do that, you also know everything about the stop loss

short review about danger and solution in trading without stop loss

Now I hope to have told you enough information about the stop loss and what you can do if you haven't used it. My advice is to take a closer look at the stop-loss and always use it. If the stop loss sword hits, it's not a big deal. You may be able to recover it with the next trade. If you have a lot of loss because you have not used it, it can sometimes take years.

So take your loss and prevent it from happening again. So it has been a valuable lesson


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