The danger of crypto trading in 2022

Published on 21 September 2022 at 18:59

How do I secure my crypto wallet?

Danger crypto danger traded in 2022 trading criminal

Crypto is fun. But it is and remains a currency that means that it is seen as means of payment. Criminals have many ways to make money by stealing crypto from traders. Or earn crypto through a site or malware. We think it's important that people know about the danger and keep their crypto safe from criminals. I recommend taking all steps seriously. Because falling can happen to anyone.Criminals are developing manners 24/7. And there are ways that everyone should really be concerned about. Because a lot is stolen. Do you have the question. How many dollars of crypto has been stolen? That's $15 billion. All stolen and scam with the crypto currensy. And that is terrifying. If you have any questions click here.

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Threatening emails to send bitcoin to their wallet

It can happen to anyone to accidentally download a virus on your computer. Sometimes it can also be downloaded because you open a word file, for example. Because of this, a program can sometimes get into your PC what crypto is being used for a criminal. Or a program that manages to collect passwords. And those programs can be very well hidden.


It is possible that you suddenly receive an email with a text file that you have to pay a lot of crypto for them to do something with your data. Or post things on the internet that you don't want. I recommend never to pay. Because there is no guarantee that they will stop. There are always other ways to get rid of the criminals. A virus scanner does not always detect it anymore. Because the virus can hide in windows files. To get rid of this, it is best to visit a computer repair shop. So never pay the criminal! So never pay the criminal in bitcoin. Because there is a good chance that they will continue with their hack attacks.


If you have a crypto miner on your PC which has been downloaded thanks to a cryptocurrency hacker. Can sometimes be difficult to remove. It usually slows down your computer. This allows you to recognize that your system is infected.

Dangerous phishing emails in your email

Everyone has received e-mails from, for example, the government, the bank or that a package is on its way. These emails are dangerous and are called phishing emails. The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis is to get your attention and that you click on the mail. And will log in via their link. NEVER DO THIS! the hacker will then receive your login details. And then try to log in in several places with your data and steal important data.

If all those emails drive you crazy, it's best to put them in your spam folder. There is usually an unsubscribe button at the bottom of the email. But you should not use this button either. Because as soon as you do that, the hacker knows that they have found an email address that belongs to a person

crypto hacker how to avoid crypto criminals

Cracked passwords

Login details that are stolen can happen to anyone. Therefore, change your password every so often and use different passwords. Hackers steal credentials and can resell them to other criminals. So they search for important data or try to find crypto wallets that are poorly secured. They always aim to steal valuable data or money. And cryptocurrency is anonymous so they even prefer that to money. Hackers get to your login details by looking at your keyboard, phishing emails, a malicious script or software and there are many more ways.

How do I secure my cryptocurrency and data?

How do I protect my cryptocurrency from scammers and criminals? A strong password is not always enough. Change your password every so often because it only has to be wrong once. Make sure to choose a password that is difficult and not used anywhere else. But only an email and password is never safe enough to protect your crypto from scams. Therefore, also set a 2FA. To maximize your security, it is best to use all security methods. Now your account is safe to login. But still things can go wrong because you are logging in via a scam website. The chance that you will get there is not great, but it is there. Always check whether the domain name is correct and not modified. If you don't trust it, don't log in. Phising hacks can be done with this. So always check whether there is a lock next to your domain name and never click on unknown links.

How does a crypto currency scam work?

It's been in the news a lot lately. Billions are made with the crypto coins that pretend to have a good plan. Making a crypto currency is easy and does not take much time. On small exchanges, these coins are often traded with low volume. Most of the people in this are hoping to hit a trade soon and hope for a 1000x trade. But that's not how it works.


There are a number of ways these scammers can make money with son scam coin. There are several ways criminals can make money through a scam. Below is the most commonly used.


A pump and dumb coin.

A pump and dump means that a lot is bought, causing the price to rise a lot and that the top is stepped out and the coin then crashes. Traders like to make a profit this way.


When such a project is made it is often promoted via social media that you have to buy it or a discord server joint. Sometimes there are also promotions that give you free bonus coins when you participate. Or get bonus points if you share it with your friends. So it can grow quickly and reach many people.


Because the masses buy, the price will rise, but the ones who will earn the most from it are the makers themselves. Before promoting the project, they buy their own coins and take profit from the other people who exit at a loss. All pump and dump coins stop after the profit has been taken.

How do I get stolen crypto back?

There are ways that your crypto can be stolen. It could be poor security or a scam. For whatever reason, there's not much you can do about it. But there is 1 thing to do with stolen crypto. And that is filing a report.
If you have been scammed, you may be able to get your stolen crypto back. But it will not work with just a crypto wallet address. If you have (real) personal data and an address, you could make a declaration.

You are not the only one who has been scammed by this perpetrator.

Unfortunately, the scammers are good at staying anonymous which makes retrieval difficult. It just highlights how valuable your knowledge of what you know about the scams is. But don't estimate the chances of getting your stolen bitcoins back.

Securing Crypto with Ledger.

The ledger is the best way to fight crypto thieves in 2022. A ledger is a kind of USB stick on which you can put your entire portfolio. To get to your crypto currency you need to have the ledger at hand. The ledger therefore stores your crypto offline where hacking can prevent attacks on your crypto. There are 2 different ledgers. Ledger Nano S and the Ledger Nano X You can also buy them in bundles. Read more about ledger here and maximize your crypto security.


What is the safest crypto exchange?

Every exchange wants to secure their platform from hackers. Hackers are always improving new ways to steal crypto from exchanges. It is not always your own fault if your crypto is stolen. Binance has been hacked several times where criminals steal millions in bitcoins. The crypto exchanges are very busy with security. But the hackers are also getting smarter.

But which is the safest crypto exchange in 2022? We recommend Bybit because they are large and not many successful hacking attempts have been made yet. But you can assume that it can also happen at Bybit at some point. If you click on the bybit logo or here you can become a member and have a chance to win $1500 in Bitcoin from us every month.


A hack in the crypto exchange

There should not be much clarity about how an exchange can be hacked. Fortunately, that is not so easy to find. But a hack doesn't have to be done externally. It can also be done because a criminal has installed a program in the servers or through a person who works at a cryptocurrency exchange.

A hacker can take over the entire network with a USB stick and thus adjust the network of all payments from the wallets so that all cryptocurrencies come to the hacker's wallet. This is 1 example of what is often tried.

So if your crypto is standing still on a crypto exchange you are fairly safe. But safety can never be guaranteed.


Tips to secure your crypto.

Finally, there are a number of important tips to secure your crypto coins and to ensure that people do not focus on you. These tips are useful to read through to make sure you handle your data safely.

1.) Extra security for large crypto currency portfolio.

If you own a lot of crypto, it is certainly wise to store it on an external hardware wallet. If people with bad intentions know that you own a lot of crypto, you can become a target by hackers. Even if you have it on an external wallet. Your wallet is valuable. So handle it well. You can take extra measures to keep your crypto in a secret vault in a different location.

You can also divide it over several safes. So you don't have to worry about your wallet.

2.) Keeping Your Cryptocurrency Secret.

It seems easy but sometimes it can be difficult. Don't tell anyone that you're working on crypto, let alone how much. Even if you trust people it is wise not to do it. It also doesn't have to be a trusted person you want to rob, but that people get it who shouldn't get it and want to hack or steal you anyway.

Telling how much crypto you have is usually not done because people know it is private. But telling your profit and loss already gives enough information to criminals.

3.) Do not look into wallet addresses via public internet connections.

Do not check your wallet in unknown places. At home you have an internet connection that you use yourself. If you are at a school, hotel, hospital or other public buildings, you are a guest on an internet connection where many people are connected. You don't know what's going on on the internet there. It is possible that a hacker can look at that and steal your data. It's unlikely that it will, but it's a possibility that is valuable to a criminal looking to steal data.

That is why it is wise to only work with your crypto currensys at home.

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