What is the future of Bitcoin?

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What will Bitcoin do in the Future? What can I expect from Bitcoin? It is of course not possible to expect when a certain price point has been reached. But exchange compare helps you with the choice to start with Bitcoin or not. Read everything about the development of Bitcoin that is important for the future.

The Future of Bitcoin

Bitcoin is getting bigger and bigger. The demand is increasing and there are only 21 Bitcoins coming. Bitcoin is becoming an official means of payment in some countries and it is becoming so in some countries. That will never happen in the Netherlands. Also, more and more Bitcoins are being bought as an investment. And sometimes bitcoins disappear. There are also shops that support Bitcoin payments. It is also increasingly used as a payment method in the Netherlands. All these things are making more and more people interested. Because there is more interest, the price goes up as no extra Bitcoin is made. Bitcoin is the most trusted crypto at the moment and there is a good chance it will stay.

Bitcoin halving 

Bitcoin is scarce because there will never be extra bitcoin. Thanks to the halving, fewer and fewer Bitcoins are being spent. Bitcoin is mined with computers. The miners receive a reward for this. With a halving, the rewards are halved for the miners. There is a halving every 210 thousand blocks. That is on average every 4 years. At the moment there are a little more than 6.20 bitcoin per block. Thanks to the halvings, it is very logical that the price will rise.

Can Bitcoin become an official means of payment?

No. It can only become an option at stores or online stores. But the price is volatile and can go up or down in value too much. The euro therefore remains the normal payment method. Legally speaking, it will never become a payment system.

If you're looking for Bitcoin's price forecast, we don't have an answer for that. It is of course not certain what the price will all do. That's why we don't say that a Bitcoin goes to 100,000 or a million.

What really is a bitcoin At which stores can I pay with bitcoin. Is bitcoin a safe investment option? Why should I or should I not buy bitcoin?

Where is the best place to buy Bitcoin?

A bitcoin does not necessarily have to be a whole, you can also buy 0.0001841 BTC, for example. If you are looking for a place to invest, we recommend Bitvavo. The first 1000 euros is free. Because it is a Dutch company and clear, we recommend this exchange. Click the green button to go to Bitvavo.

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