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What is TradingView? Here you can read what you can do and why it is convenient to use. You will also find out why and how you can start using it and thus become better at trading and investing. We will also explain what you can do with the paid version in TradingView.

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What is TradingView?

TradingView is one of the largest programs that shows live price action. In this program you can also use a technical analysis. You have a lot of tools at your disposal. You can draw in the program, map levels, rises and falls and much more. You can also use indicators. You can always change the time and use many different candles. TradingView is not to be forgotten when trading. Every chart you are looking for is on tradingview. Trading view is also possible via the browser, but can also be downloaded. TradingView also has an app. that can be used on the phone

How do I use the TradingView tools?

On the left side are all tools that you can use by default. With the 2nd symbol in the right bar you can grab lines. if you hold the mouse over it and click the arrow, there are different lines. Each tool in the bar has options that fall under it. With these lines you can start drawing levels. You place it on the tops and bottoms of the chart. the 4th symbol in the bar is a drawing tool. You can make drawings with this. With this you can draw what you expect the price to do or put arrows to important points. this tool is also commonly used. When displaying a trade on TradingView you can use the 6ew symbol in the bar. If you put it on the price where you bought it and put the bottom on the stop loss and the top on the TP. Can you see how much % profit and loss you can make. You can also see your PNL here, which is useful if you make a lot of trades and want to find where the mistake was if you want to learn from it. The tools I have covered in this paragraph are useful for the beginners on tradingview.

The top bar allows you to find the right chart you are looking for and pick up the right exchange. Price action is a bit different per broker or exchange. To the right of that you can choose a timeframe. if you click in it for 1 day, each candle is 1 day. To the right of that you will find the indicators tool. Indicators allow you to visualize price action in a different way. the 5 best are the ADX indicator, Pivot point, Bollinger bands, MACD indicator and the RSI indicator.

Buy TradingView or for free?

TradingView is free to use but there are also paid versions. You can buy a Pro, Pro+ or premium I recommend starting with the free version. That's because you don't need that many indicators  and the monthly costs aren't that cheap either.

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