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what is staking?

What is staking crypto? Striking is actually an interest that you receive but on cryptocurrency. So if you invest in Bitcoin, Ethereum or all other alt coins. So you will make a profit because of the price that rises and you will earn more because of the interest you receive on the crypto. The service of strike is thus interest received on crypto.


Is crypto staking safe?

Yes, if you plan to invest in crypto it is useful to look at the staking rewards of crypto. Actually, it's safer since you lock it for a certain amount of time. Which makes it more difficult to remove.

Striking is also safer if you consider when the market falls. If the markets fall, you still make a little profit in this way.


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Can you make a lot of money with crypto staking?

In fact, there is quite a lot to earn with it. Since it is passive, it is not easy to complain about returns. Is there a lot of money to be made with crypto staking? That, of course, just depends on how much and for how long you are going to strike. You can see it more as an extra income. You don't have to do anything for it and you get your interest every month.

You have a permanent contract when you stop using crypto. The reward is different per coin. Curious about how much you can earn in a year with staking? It is usually between 1 and 10% and sometimes even more. And don't forget that it is an investment so you assume that the coin will also rise.

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Where is the best place to invest in crypto staking?

If you want to start trading crypto, you naturally look for the best exchange that offers the most return. We've figured out what's best. We recommend bitvavo and binance staking. If you create an account via stock exchange you can also win great prizes! Find it on the green button below.

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