What is a bitcoin and What can I do with a bitcoin?

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How do I make money with bitcoin?

One bitcoin is a crypto currency. This coin is the most expensive and the oldest. This coin has a lot of confidence. The main reason people have bitcoin is to make money with it. It is easy to buy a bitcoin. There are also people who know how to make more from a bitcoin. That's called trading. With trading you buy and sell the currency a lot. Which gives you more. But to keep it, money can also be made by investing.

What else can you do with bitcoin?

In addition to earning, you can also make transactions with a bitcoin. There are more and more places abroad where you can pay with bitcoin. In the future, it could also become possible in the Netherlands. Thanks to the bitcoin system, no bank intervenes. This makes it cheaper, especially if you have to send money abroad. But because there is no bank in between, the payment is quickly at the recipient.

How do I buy bitcoin?

With bitcoin you do not have to buy a whole bitcoin. Some people think you should buy a full bitcoin. This is the case with stocks, but not with cryptocurrency. You can safely buy 0.001 bitcoin. If you want to buy it you need an account with an exchange. There are many exchanges. Beurs Compare has listed the best. Click the green button below and read more about exchanges. in the matrix 

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