Making money in a bear market

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How do I make money in a bear market?

Are we in a bear market? Is every market negative and everything going down? Are you a trader and do you think you can no longer make a profit? It's still possible. And it's not even difficult. It sounds crazy but when there is a bear market you also learn the most from trading. We are happy to help you make a profit in a crisis. 

Wat is een berenmarkt?

A bear market is also called a bear market. If every market of almost all assets goes down. Is there fear in the market? This causes a negative feeling. There is also a lot of negative news on the internet. But we are happy to help you. First of all, it is wise not to worry too much about the news. If you have a plan, stick to your plan. The price never just stops somewhere.

A bear market is basically the same as a long uptrend but down. Use your old way of trading when there was no bear market. But now just use the red button and flip the chart. Most people use trading view. At tradingview you click right under the settings and then `invert scale`. Or click ALT+I. It takes a little getting used to. But in this way you may see new opportunities.

Go scalp trading.

The very last tip is to place trades for the short term for, for example, fifteen minutes. Whatever market you are in. Whether it is forex, crypto or stocks, there are always times when the price goes up and down. It is made much more difficult than it is. I recommend just being active in this market. Of course it's not the easiest time. But it does ensure that in a normal healthy market you have also become better.

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Use more shorts in a declining market.

At first you were probably trading longs a lot. But now use much more shorts. You should not try to fish the bottom. Many people are concerned with longs. But if the market moves down. You just have to trade with the market. That's the same when you started trading up the trend. It is important to take full advantage of this market. Because this makes you stronger in the trade of trading. Not every exchange has an opportunity to short. We recommend Bybit This is the best platform for traders in our opinion. And is it possible to use a levradge up to 100x.

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