what is the difference between long and short??

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Would you like to know what a long and short order is? we like to help you. In this article we explain what these 2 are. And what the differences are. You can also read what these different buttons are for.

What is a short order?

Quite simply, a short is a sell order. If you expect the price to go down, you use a short order. By shorting you can even make a profit in a falling market. To use short you have to click the red button when buying. So this is the opposite of long trade.

What is a short what does short trading mean to make money in a decline

What is a long order?

A long is a buy order when you expect the price to go up. This button is green. This one is most often used. By using the green button you place the long trade.

What is going long? make money with long and shorts at the same time

the difference between long and short.

So it is actually very simple. Short is red and earns you money when the price goes down. And long is the green button and you make money when the market goes up. Thanks to these 2 possibilities, there is always money to be made in the markets. Not all platforms have a short button. That's because short is only for traders. That applies to Stocks, Cryptocurrency and also Forex.

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