Bybit the best exchange for experienced traders?

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Bybit is sinds 2018 in Nederland. Bybit is de afgelopen 4 jaar enorm gegroeid. Ze hebben onder andere veel meer functies toegevoegd. Maar ook veel meet munten die te verhandelen zijn. Ook is het overzichterlijker gemaakt. Dit platform is bedoeld voor traders. En waarom dit de beste is voor traders? Leest u in dit artikel.

Leverage and shorting

The reason is that you do not only offer long orders but also short. The difference between long and short is short if you expect the price to go down. and long when the price goes up. As a result, traders can both earn money on bybit. There is also a leverage of up to 100x! There is also a levradge for shorts. There are many different orders to buy and sell.

Bybit has grown in the Netherlands. Not only the company, but also the users of the platform. They do not have a high cost. The platform works smoothly and is well-arranged. This is not the reason it is the best.

What can I do on bybit?

Also, there are several features in the platform. Bybit also has copy trading where you automatically copy other traders on the platform. And so you don't have to worry about much this way. The customer service is also good. If you email them with a question. They often answer quickly. Bybit also has many more features than just copy trading and normal trading but also DeFi mining, launchepool, Spot trading, Trading bot and much more!

NFTs are also for sale on the platform. They also sometimes hold a tournament with a large prize pool

If you have created an account through our site you can win 1500$ every month!

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There is also a giveaway on this page!

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