Is it safe to authenticate with an exchange?

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Nowadays you have to verify with your identity with all brokers and exchanges. But do you think a verification is safe with these companies? In this small article we explain it to you. You will also find out how you can safely do a verification.

Why do I need to verify?

A verification is mandatory to prevent criminals, for example. In this way it becomes more difficult and also the companies that offer crypto and stocks become more secure. But it is also required by Dutch law to verify you.

How can I securely verify with a broker or exchange?

But how are you going to securely verify yourself in order to trade? That's very simple. The most important data is not even mandatory. You may cross out both the passport photo and citizen service number. Keep in mind that your citizen service number is also listed at the bottom of the card. If you do not have an ID card at hand. Can you also use a driver's license or passport. The same rules apply for this. and this data may also be crossed out. You may also put a word such as 'copy' on the copy of your document. You can also put the date on which you made the copy. The Dutch government has also launched an app. CopyID. With this app you can also safely make a copy to hand it in to the broker or exchange.

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