Is Binance illegal in the Netherlands?

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Since August 18, 2021, the DNB (De Nederlandse Bank) has stated that Binance is operating illegally in the Netherlands. But binance is not alone. Binance is the largest. And that's why it's up to you in Binance. In this article we explain why Binance is considered illegal in Nedelrand. And what the consequences are if you use it anyway.

What is Binance?

Binance is an exchange where you can trade a lot. There are many different currencies to trade. If you are wondering how many coins can be traded on Binance. Are there 218 different ones? It's not the biggest for nothing. They have the highest trading volume at the moment.

What is there to trade on Binance? You can trade the 218 crypto cryptocurrencies on Binance. But you can also stake, trade NFTs, trade Levradge and much more. read more about Binance: Click here

The Dutch bank

The Dutch bank says that Binance operates illegally in the Netherlands. That's because no verification is required with your identity. And that is mandatory in the Netherlands. This is also the reason why Binance cannot be found at the DNB. Binance is working to fix this issue. And it takes a lot of time.

Am I at risk with Binance?

That's why everyone has to verify themselves on their platform. That is why it is no longer possible to trade if you had already created an account. But you're probably wondering. Is it illegal to trade on Binance? No, it never had been. Binance can also be trusted. You don't have to worry about anything.

Alternative Binance

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