When do you pay a fee on trading crypto at Bybit?

Published on 19 September 2022 at 16:53


Hi guys on the trading forum,

Recently I started trading on Bybit.

I do that because of the leverage. And the costs are very low. But I find it unclear what the fee is paid on. It can't be found anywhere on the internet. I don't know about Binance either.

But is your fee paid on your winnings or simply on the amount paid for your position. And do you also have to pay if you lose?

Does anyone else know? If you don't understand my question, please let me know!



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6 months ago

Hi there You pay a fee when you open the position. I think that's what you mean. the fees are indeed not much for trading. This also means that you pay fees on a loss-making trade. I hope I've given you enough info and if you have more questions I'd love to hear it!

Esro Crypto
6 months ago

Thanks Johnny you answered me. I am grateful for your help!

6 months ago

I would have said the same as John.