Is it safe to leave crypto on an exchange account?

Published on 18 September 2022 at 20:53




I have a question about the security of leaving crypto on an exchange. Some people say it's not safe. Because it can be hacked quickly. I do have 2 step verification on.

It seems to me that every exchange has it safe. After all, they know how important their safety is. To prevent my crypto from being stolen, I hope to get clarity.

Do any of you know if it is indeed true and how I can make it safe?

Or do I not have to worry about my account being hacked?

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9 months ago

Hi there It's true.
There is always a risk of leaving it on an exchange. The chance is not very high. But I have a few tips for you to keep it safe. Always use a special password that you don't use anywhere else. And add all security options. If you turn everything on you are safe.
If you have your crypto as an investment. You could look at a Ledger for example. A Ledger is a kind of USB stick on which you can put your crypto. This way you are really safe. There are also alternatives to a Ledger. I hope to have helped you with your question.

If you have another question, I'd love to hear it!