What do you expect from Bitcoin?

Published on 18 September 2022 at 20:17



Hello traders,

Hello. I have a question. I know that determining a price point for a certain date is not possible. And certainly not something to take into account.
But I still think it's fun to ask. Will the price go up or down? What do you think the price is on December 31?

Who will be the closest?😀 

What is the Bitcoin price forecast? What is the expectation of bitcoin on December 31, 2023. What do crypto experts expect from the price development of crypto currencies?


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6 months ago

Hello i will say 20.000?😉

6 months ago

I will say 25k.

6 months ago

I'm going for the bitcoin price to reach 40k

6 months ago

Mr.crypto you are to high. I will say 15k 😂