How do I enter the bitcoin giveaway?

Automatically enter the $1500 Bitcoin giveaway every month!

Every month we give away 1500$ to a trader who has created an account through us. Every month a new winner wins. You have to register once to have a chance to win this Bitcoin giveaway for the rest of your life.

So you automatically participate every month.

So you participate for the rest of your life and every month you have a chance for $1500. A new winner is chosen every month.

You can also win 200$ in Bitcoin. All you have to do is share a page of intertradeclub. It doesn't matter which page you share.


This email always comes from  Always check the email address. We will never ask you for login details or money!

To automatically participate in the giveaway for a chance to win every month, you need to do 2 things:


1.) Create an account with a crypto exchange via intertrade club.

2.) Fill out the form below.

You automatically participate every month if you have made 3 trades in that month. The winner will be chosen on the last day of the month.

If you place more trades in 1 month, your chances of winning will increase. Bots are excluded and can never win.

For questions you can always email to

Only people who signed up via have a chance to win $1500 Bitcoin.

Selecting a lifetime opportunity means you are entering this giveaway every month of your life.

Share a page of with your friends for a chance to win $200 in Bitcoin!

Every page of intertrade club counts.

A random winner will be chosen every Sunday. If you didn't win you can re-enter and share a link again.