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Bybit is a platform suitable for trading. It is suitable for experienced people on this exchange it is possible to use a leverage of 100x. You also have many more functions on this platform. When learning to trade, Bybit is a good choice. The costs are:

Spot: 0.10%

Perpetual & Futeres  0.06% First $1000 is free.

Binance is suitable for trading and inverting. That's because there are many options. With this trading platform, the costs are different from other platforms. The more you act.

The less you have to pay. You also have the choice to pay in BNB (Binance coin). With this you pay 25% less. the costs are:

Up to 1,000,000 0.1% fee Get free crypto when depositing.

Bitvavo is the number 1 exchange in many countries. That's because the costs are low. And it is clear. Bitvavo trading platform is ideal for beginners.

At Bitvavo, the first 1000 euros is free when registering via the green button. At this exchange  the costs are:

Up to 100,000 0.15%

Above 100,000 0.1% First $1000 is free.


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The truth of crypto trading

Crypto trading what is it and why should I start? Crypto trading is nothing more than buying cryptocurrencies and holding them for a short time. The truth of trading is that it is not difficult but difficult to learn. When you trade crypto, you buy, for example, ethereum, bitcoin, Tether, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Polkadot and much more. Everything that is a crypto coin and what you buy is trading. Trading can be profitable in a rising and falling market. It clicks crazy. But how do I make a profit in a declining market? You do this through short orders. Intertradeclub has nice giveaways related to this topic to motivate you to complete the learning path of trading. Why? The truth of trading is that it offers many opportunities in life. There are many crypto millionaires and it is not even difficult to get that much trade profit. Trading in 2022 comes with risks! It is always your own risk.


Where can I trade best for scalping day trading?

If you want to trade crypto currencies and want to trade in the short term such as day trading and scalp trading, we recommend Bybit and Binance. Bybit is the number 1 out of the top 3. Do you want to know how do I find the best crypto exchange for my trading strategy? Click here to quickly find the best one.


Free trade help intertradeclub 24/7

Trading is easy. But how do I become a crypto millionaire? It takes a lot of patience. And learning can be difficult and arduous. Because it never goes according to plan. That's why intertrade comes with a kind of free trading course for crypto trading. On our site you can find all information for trading bitcoin and other coins and earn money with it.

In the beginning, almost always everyone loses. But after a lot of practice you can really get good at trading. Thanks to our information you can get off to a good start. We hold giveaways. 

Best crypto exchange to trade cryptocurrencies

If you create an account through our site and start trading. Have a chance to win $1500 in Bitcoin every month for FREE! You then have a LIFETIME chance to win free bitcoin every month! This way we can motivate you to continue trading. If you have any questions you can always ask us or the community. We are the number 1 free help platform. Because several people are trading, you can always ask other people.


Crypto trading help by exchanges

You can visit our site 24/7. Start trading and who knows, Best crypto exchange to trade cryptocurrencies you may also become one of the professional traders! The truth of trading is that you can lose your bet. That is why you always start with a small amount. Because you can lose your first bet! If you want to start well, we also recommend levradge trading. That is a handy tool to get more profit. We have the best levradge calculator on our site.

Read more about Bybit here. And if you want to read more about why Binance is the best click here.


Crypto exchanges with a trading course

Of course we want you to be able to trade and make profitable trades quickly. It is logical that novice traders make loss-making trades in the beginning. But to make an exchange from the top 3 best exchanges worldwide, we have a short basic course so that you can skip the biggest mistakes and start better with the most important knowledge. It is a free mini course for crypto trading. This trading course can be followed on Binance and Bybit. We recommend this one. You then learn scalp trading and day trading on one of the best exchanges.

Trading involves risk, you can lose your bet!

How do I learn to trade in 2022? We help you with all your questions 24/7. Ask your questions to the community and get answers quickly. You can see our help as a free trading course. On our site we have summarized all important information about trading. Why should I learn to trade? Thanks to trading you can achieve a lot. It gives many possibilities in life. If you're good at it, you can even use your knowledge for work. There are many people who can make a living from trading. However, this is their passion. But becoming a crypto millionaire takes a lot of patience. And you have to dare to start. You can make a lot of mistakes that every beginner does. That is why we recommend starting with a small amount. in 2022 the beginning of learning to trade is difficult. And many people lose money. Pay attention to the % in return and not how much you have earned.